Apac Auto Glass is an ICBC Glass Express vendor which makes replacing your vehicle glass through an ICBC claim quick and easy. ICBC covers windshield replacement through your optional comprehensive coverage and you can come directly to Apac Auto Glass. To start a claim we’ll need to see the vehicle and a copy of your insurance papers. The claim process only takes a few minutes. We need to know how the damage occurred and when. If you write the vehicle off for business and have an GST number please let us know. ICBC will have you pay the taxes on the whole amount of the claim as well as your deductible. You’ll receive the whole amount of the taxes you paid back when you file with the government for reimbursement. For our customers who do not write off their vehicles you simply pay your deductible.

In most cases an ICBC deductible for a windshield damage caused by a flying object is $200. The deductible for damage to the windshield for any other reason or damage to another glass part on your vehicle is typically $300. The second page of your insurance papers confirms what deductible you are to pay depending on your coverage. The deductible is payable to us at the shop when you pick your vehicle up, after the work is complete.

You do have an option as to whether or not you’d like to use insurance when replacing your glass. When the damage is caused by a flying object, vandalism, theft or something shifting in the vehicle and hitting the glass it can be replaced under your comprehensive policy. Comprehensive coverage is optional so you’ll want to check to see that you do have it on your policy. You should make an appointment at your local ICBC claim enter or phone their dial-a-claim line at 604-520-8222 to get a claim started. Then bring your claim in to us.

We know that having to replace glass can really shake people up. Especially when you’ve had your car broken into or vandalized. We do what we can to minimize the unexpected kink in your schedule. When you come in to us for an ICBC claim we want to make sure you are well taken care of. We have courtesy cars available for your convenience. We also offer a pair of free wipers and will vacuum your vehicle for you.